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The Urantia Book New Reader Course

When spiritual seekers first encounter The Urantia Book, they are usually intrigued but often overwhelmed by its size and complexity and all the strange new terms and concepts. After initial attempts, many of them give up trying to read it. Without a little help, it is difficult for them to cross the threshold into a serious study of the text. And so they may never experience the joys and spiritual transformation that come from fully exploring this revelation.

UrantiaUniversity Institute (UUI) has developed a New Reader Course, in cooperation with the Urantia Book Fellowship Education Committee, to help such fledgling readers cross the initial threshold, equipping them to comfortably begin a full exploration of the text and to participate in the growing Urantia movement.

The Fall 2022 class has ended.  Look for an announcement soon about the Winter 2023 course dates.


The Progress Project

The purpose of the experiential 12-week Progress Project course is to deepen our personal relationships with God, share our inner lives with each other, and support one another in spiritual goals through intentional relationship. The course takes its name from an initiative that was developed by Urantia Book readers as a network of small groups focused on personal spiritual growth.

This course is currently underway and closed to registration. Look for an announcement early next year about the 2023 course dates.


Self-Mastery and Circle Attainment

This course is designed to refresh and renew the spiritual aspirations of Urantia Book readers who have by faith, entered the kingdom of God and therein set for themselves the achievement of the fullness of mortal life. It is through the conquest of one's psychic circles and the enhancement of Adjuster attunement, that we become of better and more joyful service to our fellows in this world and the next.

The Fall 2022 class has ended.  Look for an announcement early next year about the 2023 course dates.

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This experiential 10-week “Course in Spiritual Formation” introduces participants to a new and higher way of living. The purpose of this online Course is to help us mobilize our faith — allowing the Spirit to more fully transform us — so that we can truly begin to live in spiritual family relationship, with God as our heavenly Parent and all human beings as our spiritual sisters and brothers. 

Said Jesus, “Forget not — it is your personal faith in the exceedingly great and precious promises of God that ensures your becoming partakers of the divine nature. Thus by your faith and the spirit’s transformation, you become in reality the temples of God, and his spirit actually dwells within you.” 143:2.4

Spiritual Formation is a process wherein we clarify, organize, and integrate the central spiritual truths in our lives (the “exceedingly great and precious promises of God”) so that, by the exercise of our faith, and the spirit’s transformation, we can begin increasingly to live out these truths, and eventually embody them and become them. 

The Fall 2022 is in progress and registration is closed.  Look for an announcement early next year about the 2023 course dates.

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