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The Realization of

The Universal Family of God

The Homecoming series, with host Marvin Gawryn and co-host Elisabeth Callahan, begins with several weeks of in-depth exploration of a new and higher Way of Life—in spiritual family relationships with God and with each other.


We will together explore the essence of Jesus’ original teachings:

"A Way of Life in the Family of God"

The Spiritual Parent Child Relationship 

The Spiritual Sister Brother Relationship

The Indwelling Spirit   The Will of God  

✦  Love   Eternal Life   Faith

Please join us on Zoom each Sunday—to experience the breakouts, worship and live exchange of views—as we together begin the eternal journey along “The Family Way.”

We gather to enjoy the experience of sharing in spiritual family, and to prepare ourselves more effectively to share “this higher symbolism of a higher civilization” (87:7:6 (966.1)), the universal Family of God, with our spiritually hungry sisters and brothers!

Join Homecoming Live on Zoom


10:00 am -11:30 am Pacific time USA

1:00 pm  - 2:30 pm Eastern time USA

All other time zones, convert using

Daylight Savings Affects Our Event Times We change our clocks with most of the United States twice each year. This is done on the: Second Sunday of March First Sunday of November will give you the correct time for whatever date you enter.

How to Join

The Zoom link is included in every edition of the "UUI This Week" email.


These 90-minute Homecoming events are a new kind of hybrid worship service, combining:

  • Teaching/Inspiration on a weekly theme

  • Small breakout discussions — for participants to get to know each other

  • Quiet worship — allowing the Indwelling Spirit to integrate the teaching and conversations

  • Fellowship — a large group sharing of what participants experienced during the teaching, breakouts and worship.

Watch videos of all past Homecoming events

If you can’t make the live event on Sunday... no worries!

You can catch up, anytime at your leisure, on the topics discussed at our previous Homecoming events. Subscribe to notifications on the Urantia University Institute YouTube channel.

Or, watch the opening videos below, where you can follow the cumulative presentation of ideas, starting from our very first Homecoming on the symbolism and culture of The Family Way, right up to our most recent Sunday conversations.

  • YouTube
"Parent Child Relationship With God: The Foundational Spiritual Gift" - 2/4/2024

"Parent Child Relationship With God: The Foundational Spiritual Gift" - 2/4/2024

Video #2 in the "Homecoming: A Spiritual Family Gathering" series. This coming Sunday at Homecoming we will explore how God’s first stunning act — becoming a Creator Person … the Original Parent of the first Created Person … and initiating a living relationship with this Original Child — establishes the pattern for the miraculous gift that God is offering each and every one of us: A living Parent-Child relationship, intimately within us, and available to us in every moment of our lives. How can we unwrap and enjoy this astonishing gift in the way that God intends? And how do God’s additional “great gifts” — the Indwelling Spirit, the Will of God, Love, our Sister Brother Relationships, Eternal Life and Faith — dramatically augment this foundational gift of spiritual Parent Child Relationship? Lastly — for many of us who grew up with painfully inadequate human parents — how can we heal? How can we access the transforming parental Love of God that can make us whole? How can we be “spiritually reparented”? Please join us, as we explore these seminal questions, and together discover how we can begin to inhabit this foundational gift -- intimate Parent Child relationship -- that our Father/Mother God is offering us. We encourage you to watch the whole playlist sequentially. Learn more about Homecoming here: Sign up for UUI's email list to attend: #creatorGod, #original parent, #parent-child relationship, #indwelling spirit, #will of god, #Father/Mother God, #relationship with god, #miraculous gift, #faith

Come explore

"this higher symbolism of a higher civilization"

Family of God Fellowship Logo.jpeg

The Family Way Forum

Cultivating teachers and leaders,
ministers and evangelists

The Family Way Forum is a supportive space to grow together in service, toward the "Realization" of the global Family of God.

With host, Marvin Gawryn, we will be exploring:

  • How we discover and develop our sense of "Calling."

  • How God is growing us spiritually to more effectively teach and minister.

  • What audiences, projects and skill sets God is calling us to.

This program is on hiatus. 

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