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Study group


s envisioned as a broad gathering of spiritual seekers, a new kind of hour-long hybrid event on Zoom — combining an initial conversation on that day's theme, followed by quiet communion in worship and small-group breakouts.

Everyone is welcome!

The opening conversations feature a variety of dynamic guests from different backgrounds, exchanging views on each week’s theme. The quiet worship allows us to commune with the Spirit within. And the breakouts give everyone an opportunity to share their stories, as we celebrate the many paths we walk along the unfolding spiritual journey.



Spiritual Family - As We Experience It on Seven Expanding Levels

With special guests Elisabeth Callahan and Kurt Cira

God’s very first act was to become a family — Creator Father, Co-Creator Mother/Son, Brother and Sister.   These fundamental patterns of family relationship pervade all the rest of Creation. 

We experience them first in our human families of origin, and in our inner spiritual lives. And then in growing circles of social relationships in this world. And then expanding endlessly beyond this initial life — in family relationships with our celestial parents, sisters and brothers — all along the eternal journey that God has prepared for us. 

Please join us in exploring the implications of this family paradigm that flows out from Paradise, which we will live out in ascending variations, here and hereafter.

Some of the central spiritual themes we will explore
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Is death the endpoint, or simply a threshold we cross into whatever comes afterwards? How do our all-too-brief lives in this world fit in the larger cosmos, the vast realms that stretch out endlessly on a starry night?

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How do we live faithfully in a changing world?

How can we better engage with all of these spiritual realities, bringing them more fully into our lives? If we believe in these possibilities, how can we depend on them more fully, focus on them more effectively, devote ourselves to them more completely — so they increasingly shape the way we live — flowing outward to uplift all of our relationships, and transform the world!

Love is the soul's light CROPPED Rumi beautiful flower.jpg

How can we open to the Source of healing affection, be filled with it, and overflow with love to others all around us? How can we, in that love, experience the “peace that passes all understanding”?

And how can love help us to bridge our many differences, to live together peacefully as a diverse spiritual family in an increasingly global world?

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How do we align with a higher purpose?

How do we find stability, order, guidance, and a powerful sense of purpose? How do we access inner sources of leading and direction in connection with Spirit?

How can we tap such higher guidance, in our efforts to respond to life’s challenges? How can we open to divine purpose, supercharging our motivations to serve?

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Homecoming hopes you will join us in a journey of discovery and mutual support, as we explore these kinds of questions and commune with the Divine Presence.   

With great love … seeking our pathways forward together,

The Homecoming Vision Team in partnership with UUI

Elisabeth Callahan, Marvin Gawryn, Will Rucker, Paula Thompson, Angie Thurston, Alice Wood

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