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Are you looking for stimulating questions to share with your study group?

Download, print, and share these PDF copies of UUI's Self-Directed Study Courses 

New Reader Course

Urantia University Institute (UUI) developed the New Reader Course, in cooperation with the Urantia Book Fellowship Education Committee, to help fledgling readers of The Urantia Book explore the vast body of knowledge contained within its 2,097 pages.


The 10-week live course is available to take at least once per year, but now is also available to use in Study Groups or to share with fellow truthseekers anytime.

The pdf version of the course serves as a guide to the book’s terrain and its major contours and themes. Just as a map prepares an adventurer to discover a whole new world without getting too lost in unfamiliar territory and new concepts and vocabulary, the New Reader Course facilitates the beginning of a journey into expanded consciousness and enhanced spirtual perception. It is designed for those who dare to seek for truth, led by their own inner guide in the company of fellow explorers in the ever-growing Urantia community.

103:9:7 (1141.5) Faith most willingly carries reason along as far as reason can go and then goes on with wisdom to the full philosophic limit; and then it dares to launch out upon the limitless and never-ending universe journey in the sole company of TRUTH.

1. Overview

  • Outline

  • Coure Philosophy 

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3. The Local Universe (Part) II

  • Local Universe Theology & Structure 

  • Local  Universe Orders of Celestial Beings  

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5. History of Urantia (Part III )

  • Origin and Early Development of our Planet

  • The First Human Beings

  • The First Epochal Revelation and Rebellion

  • The Institutions of Civilization

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7. The Supreme Being (Part III)

  • The Religion Papers

  • Advanced Theology

  • Thought Adjusters & Guardian Angels

  • God the Supreme - the Evolving God

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9. Jesus' Death and Resurrection (Part IV)

  • The Final Week

  • Post Resurrection Appearances

  • The Religious Life of Jesus

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2. God and the Central Universe (Part I )

  • Theology

  • Central Universe Structure

  • Higher Beings  

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4. Our Ascension Career (Part II)

  • Our Lives in the Local Universe

  • Our Lives on the Inhabited Worlds

  • Universal Unity

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6. History of Urantia Cont. (Part III)

  • The Second Epochal Revelation

  • Marriage and Family

  • Evolutionary Religion

  • The Third Epochal Revelation

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8. Life and Teachings of Jesus (Part IV)

  • Setting the Stage for the Life of Jesus

  • Jesus' Childhood and Adolescence

  • Jesus' Adulthood and Personal Ministry

  • Jesus' Public Ministry

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10. Integrating and Going Forward

  • The Spirit of Truth and the Future of Religion

  • Review of Major Themes

  • Participation in the Urantia Community

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