The Urantia Book

New Reader Course



Spiritual truth-seekers and new readers of The Urantia Book are invited to attend this free new course that has been specially designed to introduce the main themes and concepts of the book in a simple way in a friendly online learning environment.

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The Urantia Book Online Classes

UUI offers an innovative series of online classes which introduce newer readers to some of the most important concepts, truths and themes found in The Urantia Book and more in-depth studies of selected topics in the book for experienced students.

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UUI Cafe

An online place to meet


Click this link to find out how to visit the online UUI Cafe - a special place

to meet where you will find other Urantians with a passion for God, a love for people and uplifting conversation, and spiritual growth.

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UUI Vision
21st Century & Beyond

UrantiaUniversity is a global center of study and service dedicated to training teachers and farseeing leaders and fostering a spiritual community with cosmic ideals based on truths in The Urantia Book.

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The Urantia Book

Learn more about the basic concepts and themes of The Urantia Book and its remarkable epochal revelation about the cosmos and humanity's transcendent origin, purpose and destiny.

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UUI Thought Leaders Forum

The Thought Leaders Forum is a series of online presentations having a spiritual context for examining and discussing ideas of progressive, evolutionary meaning and value in science, philosophy, and religion that are inspired by The Urantia Book. 

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Science, Philosophy, and Religion

Greek Philosophers

The Urantia Book emphasizes the importance of understanding, integrating and unifying the realms of Science, Philosophy, and Religion  to achieve a more comprehensive and balanced view of reality.

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The Urantia Book Fellowship extends a generous offer to groups of Urantia Book readers to invite members of the Fellowship Education Committee to come to your study group to present an invigorating and thought-provoking workshop. 

If you are interested, please contact them here

Visit their site and take a look at the wide variety of Urantia Book learning materials and resources provided by the Fellowship Education Committee

Visit the Urantia Book Fellowship

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