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Allowing the Spirit to Guide You


Kaye Cooper and Sharon Porter ~ With Nancy Votrain, Cecelia Lampley, and William Cooper

Start Date:

Saturday 4/13/24

End Date:

Thursday 5/23/24


Saturdays from 12:30 pm-2:00 pm Pacific and Thursdays from 5:30 pm-7:00 pm Pacific time

Course Description

You can be led by the spirit. The Thought Adjuster, the Spirit of Truth, and the Holy Spirit each guide in their own unique way. 

This course will provide:

  • Information to help you recognize their guidance.

  • Varied ways to become more receptive.

  • Methods to cooperate.

  • Opportunities to put it all into practice.

  • Small sharing groups to discuss your experiences.

You may recall that The Urantia Book says that when you deal with the practical affairs of your daily life, you work these out with the agencies of the Infinite Spirit. (5:3.5 (66:1))

These agencies include angels and mind spirits, the Holy Spirit and our Mother Spirit. In this course you will explore what it means to work out the details of daily life with these daughters of the Infinite Spirit. You have so much more help than you may have realized to live your everyday life.

The Holy Spirit also works in coordination with both the Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth to facilitate your following their leading. She gets your attention though her mind spirits and her angels so that you will seek the guidance of the Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth and apply that guidance to your life.

This is an experiential class. The only homework required is for you to practice the methods discussed in class each week. Your active participation will enrich your relationship with each of these divine spirits. You will begin to feel like you are genuinely a part of this divine family. You will enhance your ability to feel the presence of God.

You will practice these spiritual methods as homework:

  • Seeing with Spiritual Eyes

  • Finding Angel Clues.

  • What Is Important Here

  • Help in the Moment

  • Recognizing Turning Points.

Additional techniques you will use in class:  Soaking in gratitude and Asking for the Mind of Jesus.

Join us for fun, friendship, and opportunities for us all to share what we have gained from our adventures in spiritual guidance.

Format:  Online meetings twice a week on Saturday afternoons and Thursday evenings using Zoom video conferencing. Participants are expected to attend all the weekly meetings. Under extenuating circumstances, a video recording of the Zoom meeting will be made available if you have to miss a session. 

How do I access the materials? Course materials will be emailed weekly to registered participants.

Level:  For everyone

Group Size:  Maximum of 30 people

Effort:  Two 90-minute Zoom classes with talks, spiritual practice, and small breakout group discussions, plus daily practice of spiritual training exercises.

Language:  English

Weekly Outline

Topics to Explore:

  • Saturday 4/27 & Thursday 5/2:  Holy Spirit and Angels

  • Saturday 5/4 & Thursday 5/9: Mind Spirits

  • Saturday 5/11 & Thursday 5/16: Thought Adjuster

  • Saturday 5/18 & Thursday 5/23: Spirit of Truth

How do I access the materials? Course materials will be provided weekly by email to registered students.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Understanding that every decision, large or small is significant. Becoming more willing to seek spiritual guidance in these moments.

  2. Sensing the nature and guidance of our Mother Spirit, through her Holy Spirit. Choosing higher responses in daily life.

  3. Recognizing when angels are acting in your life. Cooperating with their work.

  4.  Identifying moments of decision. Remembering to ask, “What is important here?”

Kaye Cooper

Kaye has been an active teacher and leader since she began reading The Urantia Book in 1970. Her early work included publishing The Circles magazine, leading Adventures in Spiritual Living retreats, and writing a book on prayer, Friendship with God. Her main focus has always been on spiritual experience and helping people grow closer to our divine family. 

Since 2014, she has been engrossed in learning about our Universe Mother Spirit and enjoying a growing relationship with her. Her greatest desire: to change the world by helping people to know God personally as their best, greatest, and most loving friend.

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Sharon Porter

Sharon Porter was handed The Urantia Bookin 1976. Coming from a family where both Grandfathers and a step Grandmother were ministers, she fell in love all over again with the teachings of Jesus. She frequently heard the "truth bells" ring as she read about the origins of hell and the love that Jesus had for his heavenly Father. She went on to serve and share The Urantia Book and its' teachings in a number of ways. She worked with Adventures in Spiritual Living. Along the way she and her husband Ted opened and ran a spiritual bookstore that sold not only the U.B, but books from the major religions and philosophies of the world.

In the last 10 years she and Kaye Cooper have collaborated and led Joyful Living and a number of workshops and retreats about our glorious Divine Mother Spirit. Sharon would say that learning to have a deeper walk and relationship not only with our Father and Michael but also to love and know and be guided by our Universe Mother has been the greatest joy of her life!

Nancy Votrain

Nancy felt a strong personal connection to God from an early age even as she grappled with inconsistencies as a spiritual seeker. In 1976, a friend gifted her a copy of The Urantia Book as she was departing from the East Coast on a journey to find community in the Northwest. At the time, she had no idea what a tremendous blessing and lifelong anchor she had been handed.

Forty-seven years later, the teachings of The Urantia Book continue to provide her with spiritual sustenance. Though her community didn’t manifest in the form that she had expected, Nancy has found community while serving with others in numerous ways including as a counselor working with children and families, volunteering at Oregon State Penitentiary, and coordinating numerous Urantia Book conferences, groups and activities. As coordinator of the Corvallis Interfaith Network and Café she delights in sharing her spiritual perspective of The Urantia Book while learning so much from the collective wisdom of all interfaith paths.

Cecelia Lampley

As a student of the Urantia Book for 47 years and a retired Marriage and Family Therapist, Cecelia has focused on self-mastery as described in the book. In the last four years, she has immersed herself in the study of Wise Heart, EFT (tapping), and mindfulness to expand her practice of healing modalities, which she hopes to incorporate in a future UUI class.

William Cooper

William has been a student of The Urantia Book since 1970. His emphasis has been on discovering methods for himself and others to apply the techniques suggested by the book for achieving a personal religion centered on the experience of following the leading of the Spirit Within. 

Beginning in 2022, William has been involved with developing a new website designed to serve the spiritual encouragement of all who are interested in living life primarily as a spiritual adventure.

is presently operational with over 70 articles dealing with spirituality.

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