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Telling Her Story in Our Own Words

Updated: Sep 26

Week 5: "Our Mother God: Knowing Her, Loving Her, Sharing Her"

Lu Schanfarber wanted the students to leave the class with a call to action and a desire to share what they know now about Our Mother God. In the final week of class, the group explored the creative ways one can “package and distribute” the life-changing "Expanded Good News" that we are children of a planetary spiritual family. With a greater awareness of Our Mother God we will find opportunities every day to interweave Mother God into our conversations and in our personal ministry and service.

Excerpts from the Interview

Why do you think this course is important to Urantia Book students?

The whole five-part course is important because it takes us through a journey of understanding our Mother God. The highest aspect of female deity recognized in The Urantia Book is the Infinite Spirit as the Paradise Mother Spirit. Yet she's so incredibly overlooked. It was important that we start to integrate her much more fully into the family of God because we know the Father, and love the Father, we know the Son and love the Son, but Mother was always out of the picture—on the sideline and never really recognized as the full spirit personality that she is.

The goal of the course is to understand her nature, making her connectible and relatable. Today our relationships with nature and with each other are so disconnected and damaged, but the Mother Deity can be a healer, who provides us with amazing spiritual helpers who can guide us throughout our lives and our whole universe careers.

What is meant by the idea of the divine feminine?

We know that our Paradise Mother Spirit is the nature of mother love. The divine feminine brings the mother love into all of our understanding of reality, our understanding of deity, of the natural world, and into our own relationships with each other.

When Jesus said, "Love one another as I have loved you," that is the Father's love. Although Jesus was clearly here to reveal the Father's love, he definitely revealed the Mother's love as well. We are told he taught about the nature of the Holy Spirit. That is the nature of our Universe Mother Spirit, his own complemental co-creater. She is a collaborative and cooperative co-ruler with him and they're the model. Mother and Michael are the models at the local universe level.

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