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Geri Johnson


Geri Johnson

Geri found The Urantia Book in 1968 and has an educational and professional background in private and public school education in the United States and international schools in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and India. She has worked for the FreeSchools World Literacy program and at the American Embassy School in India. She is a mother of two wonderful sons, grandmother of three precious grandsons, and great-grandmother of a long-awaited great-granddaughter. Over the years, Geri has served in many roles in the Urantia community; currently, she is an Associate Trustee of the Urantia Foundation and has worked with The Christ Experiment.

She teaches "The Life and Teachings of Jesus" for UUI's Urantia Book Studies Program and Part IV of The Urantia Book for the Teacher Training Program with her partner, Rob Mastroianni.

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