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Physiological Mechanisms for Spiritual Influence in the Electrochemical Mind Brain Mechanism

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Geoff Taylor is a brand new UUI Associate Trustee and longtime Sunday Worship Cafe leader. At the Urantia Book Fellowship's International Conference 2023, he offers a detailed scientific explanation of how your thoughts can affect your physiology thereby affecting your ability to make choices and listen to inner leadings.

In his presentation titled "Plausible Physiological Mechanisms for Spiritual Influence in the Electrochemical Mind Brain Mechanisms," Geoff explains the logical mechanical sequence of how our brain actually allows us to make choices before reacting.

Read the full interview with Geoff Taylor below...


Geoff, how would you describe your topic for IC23?

I'm looking for the physiological processes that we are in control of that the spiritual influences might be able to interact with. Those spiritual influences are timeless, spaceless and they're operating in a different energy regime than our material milieu, so where is the interface possible?

It sounds like you’re saying that you can actually affect the mechanisms of your body.

Absolutely. That’s the key. Your thoughts can affect your emotions, your emotions can affect your physiology. Your thoughts can affect your physiology. And if we know the mechanisms that are particularly well-suited to Thought Adjuster or other spiritual influence, then we can be aware of what we can do from a physiological standpoint. I tie this to emotions.

What is one of the specific things that you consider when looking at physiology?

I started with these things called microtubules. Microtubules are little tubes of proteins that connect the cells of the body. If a cell has DNA then it has a microtubule connecting it to the next cell that has DNA. And these microtubules change in length as the communication between the cells is improved or required and they're very neat little animals, these microtubules.

It turns out that the cells in your body communicate with each other via these microtubules or bounce off each other and exchange signal molecules. That's the two ways that cells communicate. And supposedly it was random, but if we allow the quantum coherence, if we allow for the spiritual influencing the randomness, it's not so random.

So that was one possible combination of spiritual energies and mechanical energies.

So the old saying “mind over matter” is literally true….

Exactly. And you can control your emotions if you practice not being knee-jerk reactive to certain things and you can work toward a loving attitude. All those things have associated metabolic physiological improvements that make it easier and easier for spiritual influence and Thought Adjuster communication.

How does your topic add value to the conference’s theme of Living the Teachings: Heart, Mind, Soul?

If we can understand the physiological mechanisms that improve our spiritual receptivity, that may contribute to our trust in God and a sense of calm. If we can support the development of a physiology that allows the Thought Adjuster patterns to come through we will be better positioned to calm the cacophony of noise in our electrochemical brains. It works in both the heart and the mind.

How does your topic demonstrate your own spiritual journey?

The study group that I’m in got me thinking about applying The Urantia Book’s teachings rather than just reading about them. So I took UUI’s course, “Self-Mastery and Circle Attainment,” and it got me thinking about how self-mastery is tied to physiology. I realized that this is the process by which you self-master. You can learn to control your reactions to things, you can control your emotion and control the way you think. You can pattern the way you think after the way Michael thought.

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