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Fruits of the Urantia BookTeacher Education Program

All students in the Urantia Book Teacher Education Program created their own capstone project that captured ways to teach the Urantia revelation, conveyed Urantia Book meanings and values, or created a space or resource designed to lead others toward God.

For example, some students chose to host spiritual growth conversations with an interfaith audience and another devised ways to share the Urantia revelation with members of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Our instructors are so impressed with the dedication, hard work, and creativity of the students, that we wanted to share a highlight with the community.

Trudi Cooper wanted to create a video for children that shares a vision of God as a loving parent, who is every person’s constant and caring companion. Rather than simply having a soul, Trudi wanted to introduce kids to the idea that we grow our soul with the guidance and unconditional love of the small piece of God that indwells us. Many children are exposed to a conception of God in which he, from on high, watches, judges, and punishes us. Trudi’s presentation aims to expose God the loving Father.

The result is a beautiful and moving animated short that is a universally appropriate depiction of a child’s spiritual journey with God, from the first indwelling of the Thought Adjuster, through the progressive stages of growing Godlike, to the end of material life and the transition to the mansion worlds.

In fact, the narrator is seven-year-old Serenity, a neighbor of Trudi’s who is being brought up in a conservative Christian household. Please enjoy an insightful interview with CaroleRae Spence and Trudi Cooper. Watch until the end to see Trudi’s video “How to Grow a Soul.” This project couldn't have been made without the moral and technical support of her loving husband, Eric Cooper.

About the Creator
Trudi Cooper

Trudi is a woman of many talents and service projects. A few of her contributions to our Urantia Community are as Secretary General of The Urantia Book Fellowship, member of the Fellowship Education Committee, and an organizer of the Summer Study Session for July 2024.

She and her husband have three grown children and are involved in many loving projects including a healing center on their property. Trudi is also active in her community. Her love and time are spent as a wedding officiant, elected official, and sexton of their little township in Southeast Michigan.

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