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The Introductory Course consists of seven sequential classes which include:


Topical Courses


Format & Scheduling of the Overview of The Urantia Book Course

The online classes consist of instructional videos, selected reading assignments, learning exercises, online class discussions, meditation exercises, and real-time discussion groups led by the instructor or facilitator. 

A Weekly Class Plan or syllabus is posted in the online classroom at the beginning of each week. The class plan tells students what to do during the coming week. It lists the reading assignments and learning exercises and contains links to the instructional videos, meditation exercise, and other supplementary learning materials. 

Classes are asynchronous, meaning there are no fixed times that students must meet, except for the three live webinars which take place at a scheduled time on a week night or weekend. UrantiaUniversity's online classrooms are open 24/7 to registered students. Attendance is flexible. Students work in the classroom and participate in written classroom discussions at a time that's convenient for them. 

1. The Urantia Book

2. New Reader Course

Will be offered again in the Winter 2023 term

Spiritual truth-seekers and new readers of The Urantia Book are invited to attend this new course that has been specially designed to introduce the main themes and concepts of the book in a simple way in a friendly online learning environment.

Over the course of 10 weekly online discussion groups, novice readers have the opportunity to explore the vast treasures of The Urantia Book and ask questions in an open and supportive community of fellow truth-seekers.

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