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Bev Boyer


Bev Boyer

Bev found The Urantia Book in 1978 and has never once stopped feeling profoundly grateful for the gift of this revelation in her life. Over the years she has participated in numerous study groups and has been the host of several, notably in St. Louis, MO and Princeton, NJ. Currently residing in New Hampshire, she is active with the New England Society (Urantia Book Service Corps of New England), serving as secretary on the Executive Council in addition to acting as co-chair for the Retreat Committee. And, she is thrilled to be serving on the UUI Board! She has enjoyed writing study guides for the Self-Directed Study as well as working with others to develop coursework.

Bev began her professional career as an RN, working Labor and Delivery in an inner city hospital. Later, she transitioned to education and became a teacher in the Waldorf movement. Over her 25-year teaching career she taught every age from grade 1 to 12. Currently, she works in adult education, teaching those planning to become teachers. She is also a certified therapeutic musician and plays harp for the ill and dying.

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