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Geoff Taylor

ASSOCIATE TRUSTEE Geoff Taylor was an iterative experimentalist techie with a background in Aeronautical Engineering. He spent 20 years as an engineer on the Allison 250 turboshaft engine at Standard Aero in Winnipeg, Aviall in Dallas and Los Angeles as the head of the repair and research engineering divisions.

Geoff was introduced to The Urantia Book in 1984 by a PhD coworker, causing a paradigm shift in his rejected Christian upbringing, and, upon returning to his roots in Winnipeg, he and his brother started Vista Medical Ltd. The loss of his wife to cancer put him on a quest to cure the disease and be of service to humanity. Crashing his airplane in 2003 left him mobility challenged but refocused him on the thing that really matters most in life, relationships. He is now retired and snowbirds with his mate, Susan Meyers, in Florida.

His primary interest in The Urantia Book is understanding the underlying balance of God’s physics. Geoff serves as a UUI faculty member and UUI Café and Sunday Worship gathering facilitator.

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