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Elisabeth Callahan


Elisabeth Callahan retired from Road Scholar (Elderhostel) after serving many years as a Program Coordinator for its adult educational travel programs in order to work full-time on the development of UrantiaUniversity. Prior to joining Road Scholar, she enjoyed a long corporate career at Transamerica Insurance Companies in Los Angeles where she worked for many years in the corporate accounting and financial systems areas and later as an administrative manager of Transamerica's IRA & Simplified Employee Pension Plan Administration, Annuity Sales and Service Administration, and Claims Review Administration.

Throughout her life Elisabeth has pursued a path of contemplative practice and studies in world religions and transpersonal psychology. She trained intensively for many years in both the Soto and Rinzai schools of Zen and was ordained a Zen Buddhist monk. Years later she returned to her Christian roots, seeking the expression of the original way that Jesus lived and taught, and was ordained a priest in the Independent Catholic Church. During these years she also pursued training in transpersonal psychology including graduate work at ITP (now Sofia University) in Menlo Park, CA.

Since discovering The Urantia Book in 1984 she has devoted herself to its in-depth study and sharing it with others. She and her husband, John have led a weekly Urantia Book study group in Southern California for many years and derive rich personal and spiritual growth through this fellowship and the process of group discovery and application of Urantia Book teachings. She has been a Trustee of Urantia University since its inception and currently serves as Executive Director of Urantia University Institute.

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