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Buck Weimer


After three years in the paratroopers, a motorcycle trip through Central America, and two transatlantic sailboat crossings, Buck Weimer finally met Arlene, his future wife, in the Caribbean on St. Thomas. They married five years later and embarked on two years of travel around the world, at the end of which they were introduced to The Urantia Book in 1973.

Buck and Arlene both finished their first reading of The Urantia Book on a mountain top in Costa Rica, which inspired them to return to their home culture in the U.S. where they began their careers and raised a family of three sons to adulthood in Pueblo, Colorado. They started the first Urantia Book study group in Pueblo in 1975 and have continued to host a weekly study group in their home, which is now taking place on Zoom.

Buck and Arlene have been actively involved in Urantian organizations for many years. Before joining Urantia University Institute, they were both members of the Urantia Book Fellowship General Council where Buck served for seven years as Chair of the International Fellowship Committee (IFC). In this capacity he traveled to several countries in Asia, Africa, and South America to promote The Urantia Book and give support to local study groups. He and Arlene are now enjoying the harvest of a lifetime of service and parenting, especially their vital role as grandparents to the newest generation.

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