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Arlene Weimer


Arlene Weimer received a PhD in Psychology and Gerontology in 1970. In 1973 Arlene was introduced to The Urantia Book by one of her students in a psychology class on Personality when she was teaching at Florida Tech. University. She immediately shared the book with her husband, Buck Weimer, and both became lifelong students of its teachings hosting a weekly study group for the past 44 years. In 1974, they moved to Colorado where Arlene worked at the Colorado State Hospital as Chief Psychologist of the Geriatric Division and taught psychology at the University of Southern Colorado. In 1978, while beginning to raise their 3 sons, Arlene went into private practice as a licensed clinical psychologist which she continues to do until the present.

Buck and Arlene have been involved in Urantian service organizations over the years and was on the International Fellowship Committee. Their service work has taken them to several foreign countries in Asia, India, Nepal, Africa, Croatia and South America. Arlene also serves on Urantia University’s Curriculum Committee and as a UUI Instructor. She has taught several online classes in the past few years including “Jesus the Human Father” and “Spiritual Living”. She is presently one of the facilitators for the UUI Café.

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