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Alice Wood


As a second generation student of The Urantia Book, Alice has had the heart of the Urantia teachings thoroughly enmeshed into her life. Her husband, Chris Wood, offers consistent encouragement to serve in the many ways in which she is able. She is the creator of the YouTube channel, Urantia Life Lessons; managing editor of the Midwest Urantia newsletter, Pervaded Space; president of her local association, Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association; and she is thrilled and honored to be a part of the Urantia University team. Alice is also the mother of two boys who exercise their good influence by making sure that she goes outside to play each day.

When asked what her hobby is, her kids answered, "Urantia work," but Alice would add in swinging on the backyard swingset, swimming, kitchen dance parties, and managing the forest that is her backyard hedge.

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