From Comfort to Growth 

An experiential class in spiritual growth and wellbeing

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again in the fall 2022.

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Special Orientation Session Saturday, March 26, 2022

2:00-3:00 pm Eastern time

1:00 pm CDT  |  12:00 pm MDT  |  11:00 am PDT

7:00 pm CET (Central European Time) 

Participants who are interested in taking the 7-week online course must attend the Orientation session (or watch a recording of it) prior to being admitted to the course.

The orientation session provides you with the opportunity to learn about course requirements and expectations so that you can make an informed commitment to participating in the full 7-week course.

Enrollment in the course:  Those who attend the orientation session and then decide to fully participate in the course will be asked to send an email to the UUI registrar in which they state their commitment to the course. They will be admitted to the course and receive the Zoom link to the live classes as well as access to the UUI online classroom. 

Live Zoom Class Dates:

Date: Every Saturday for 7 weeks starting on April 2, 2022; ending Saturday, May 14. 

Time:  2:00-4:00 pm Eastern time

1:00 pm CDT  |  12:00 pm MDT  |  11:00 am PDT

8:00 pm CET (Central European Time | UTC/GMT +1 hour)

The course will feature a total of 7 live class discussions in the Zoom meeting room during which the students and Instructors will meet to discuss the week's growth concepts, learning activities, and reflective questions. 

About the Class

Do you yearn to live a bigger life that expresses more of your personal and spiritual potentials while also being of benefit to humankind?

Are you ready to engage a process of psychological and spiritual growth in a circle of trusted peers, facilitated by experienced guides on the spiritual path ?

If you seek liberation from limiting belief systems and old habits of feeling, thinking, and acting that no longer serve your path of progressive enlightenment, then you may benefit greatly from participating in From Comfort to Growth. This course uses time-tested principles of spiritual thinking and practice which facilitate the soul's orientation towards God-consciousness, loving service to others, and even to cosmic consciousness.

In this experiential course, wholehearted participants will be guided out of their comfort zone, through a process of transcending fear and learning new practical skills, towards higher and wider levels of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual intelligence.

This experience of metanoia describes the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, and way of life. It results in an elevated way of living from enlightened love that is Spirit-led, Spirit-fulfilled, and dedicated to the upliftment of all people. 

Please note: This experiential class is designed to stimulate spiritual education and growth and is not intended to be group therapy.


Students can visit the online classroom at their convenience, 24/7, to read, post and have written discussions with their peers and instructors.

Week 1:  Preparation and commitment

Week 2:  Moving out of our comfort zone

Week 3:  Transcending fear - acquiring courage and spiritual strength

Week 4:  Learning new practical inner skills

Week 5:  Religious growth - connecting - making inner changes

Week 6:  Spiritual growth - asking to be transformed - becoming more

Week 7:  Morontia living and socializing - be more and more useful to others

    One of the goals for any in-depth study

    of The Urantia Book at UUI is for students to experience expanded cosmic consciousness

    and enhanced spiritual perception.


    Can I audit this class?

    You will get the most out of this course if you enroll as an active participant. The course is designed to be experiential. Students are expected to make an effort to complete the weekly reading and discussion questions and engage in the online webinars as often as possible. 

    However, we do recognize that not everyone has the time to devote to assignments and live discussion. Any exposure to this material will be beneficial and stimulate spiritual growth. As a policy, UrantiaUniversity will allow students to take any course as an auditor. Note that all communications that auditors receive will be aimed at the active participant experience. 

    Will I get a grade for this class? 

    At this time, no grades are given for completing UUI classes. This class has been designed chiefly for personal enrichment.

    Course Format 

    Time frame:  7 weeks (plus an orientation session)

    Effort:  2 hour weekly Zoom class discussion + 2 hours/week outside class reading, videos, and journaling

    Level:  For everyone

    Group Size:  Maximum of 12 people 

    Class Format:

    Students will access course material through UUI's online campus. 

    Learning experiences include: 

    • Enlightening videos 
    • Inspired reading
    • Learning activities
    • Live facilitated discussions in a respectful, growth-inducing environment. 
      Language:  English

      Recommended Background

      This course is intended for students of The Urantia Book who are familiar with its theology, philosophy, and conceptual framework.  Students of all levels may benefit from it. 

      After I enroll, what happens next?

      After registering online for the Orientation session or class you will receive a confirmation email. 

      Around one week before  the class starts, you will receive a reminder email about the start of class.  

      The night before the start date of the class you will receive a third email with the Zoom link for the live discussion. 

      About the Instructors:

      Guy Perron

      Guy Perron has been a student of the revelation since 2000. Living its teachings has transformed him, his life, his way of being, his way of thinking, his way of seeing, his way of doing, his way of interacting, his way of serving, and continues to do so. He feels blessed that he was led to this transformative knowledge, and in making conscious daily effort to put it into practice his cosmic consciousness is expanding, his spiritual perception is enhancing, his soul is being nourished, and his God-given personality of deified reality is getting progressively realized. 

      His greatest joy is to share these living truths in the union of souls in order to improve, individually and collectively, our communion, communication, and collaboration with the Divine Presence indwelling each of us. 

      Agnes Lazar

      I have been a student of the revelation since 2001. I had the opportunity to be mentored in my early years by a man who was himself totally dedicated to the teachings of The Urantia Book and completely devoted to selfless service. He inspired me in his dedication. Today, I dedicate my entire life to bringing one more soul into the Kingdom.

      We are all homeless until we return to our Father's house, which is nowhere else but in us. I accompany brothers and sisters on the threshold of our Father's house. God is practical, God is a living experience, God is a transformative way of living. My life has changed in a profound and meaningful way as a result of this divine relationship. That's why I want to share God with others. I love Him with all my being and with all my soul.

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