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Part 3 of The Urantia Book


Discover the origin, purpose, and destiny of human beings and how the constituents of the human self -- the material body, mind, and spirit unified by the presence of a unique, free-will personality pattern -- engage as a system in the process of soul-making through spiritual decision-making and moral choices that align with the Divine Will and Way of God.

Learn about the five epochal revelations to our world and the evolutionary history of humanity and civilization.

Deepen your understanding of the profound role of religious experience in personality development.

Encounter the revelation of the Evolutionary Deity, God the Supreme, the actualizing and evolving God of time and space and learn about our role as parts of the whole in the progressive completion of the Supreme Being.  

Attain a greater understanding of God as a Divine Father and Mother and the wondrous cosmic relationship that exists between God and all personal beings, and learn about the many orders of angels who serve not only as our personal guardians of destiny but also in the seraphic planetary government.

 ~ All this and more in Part 3 of The Urantia Book.

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