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A place to find other Urantians with a passion for God

and a love for people and uplifting spiritual conversation

We invite you to the UUI Café where our spiritual brothers and sisters

can hang out and have soul-growing conversations based on the wisdom

of the Urantia teachings and the world's great spiritual traditions.

Weekly Schedule: 

Monday, June 1 - Saturday, June 6

    Monday, June 1 .......... 8:00 am-9:30 am Mountain time/ 7 am PDT/ 9 am CDT/ 10 am EDT

    Overcoming Fear and Anxiety--For Others!   Led by Merritt Horn

    Fear and anxiety inhibit normal reasoning, encourage irrational behavior, are highly contagious, and wherever we look in these times, we can see brothers and sisters held almost hopelessly in their grip.

    The Urantia Book readers have an incredible reserve of resources to deal with fear through the universe perspective, philosophy, and religious insight provided by the revelation—so while we may periodically struggle with fear and anxiety, we have the knowledge and perspective to overcome them.

    But how can we help others? What can we do? what can we say? how can we minister to those who do not have the benefit of the whole worldview engendered and nourished by Urantian cosmology, philosophy, and theology? what has worked for you in your ministry to others?

    There are no assigned readings—bring whatever resources you have and let’s see what we can learn from each other.

      Tuesday, June 2 .......... 11:00 am-12:30 pm Mountain time/ 10 am PDT/ 12 noon CDT/ 1 pm EDT

      The Behaviors of God: Compassion  Led by Elisabeth Callahan

        • 7:4.1-6 (85:2-85.7)  |  169:4.2 (1855.3)
        • 6:3.4 (75:9)  |  137:7.13 (1535.5)
        • 140:8.11 (1580.6)  |  140:8.32 (1583.6)
        • 171:7.3 (1874.6) | 180:5.12 (1951.1)

              Wednesday, June 3....... 2:00 pm-3:30 pm Mountain time/ 1 pm PDT/ 3 pm CDT/ 4 pm EDT

              Women and Men Together, Here and Throughout Eternity   Led by Marvin Gawryn and Elisabeth Callahan

              • 84:6.2 (938.6) - 84:6.7 (939.2)
              • 55:3.9 (625.8)

              Thursday, June 4 ........... 5:00 pm-6:30 pm Mountain time/ 4 pm PDT/ 6 pm CDT/ 7 pm EDT

              Religion of Authority - Religion of the Spirit - The Knowledge of Facts and the Experience of Truth    Led by Benet Rutenberg 

              • 155:6.9 (1732.2)
              • 130:4.10 (1435.2)

                Friday, June 5 ................... 8:00 pm-9:30 pm Mountain time/ 7 pm PDT/ 9 pm CDT/ 10 pm EDT 

                The 1st and 2nd Mansonias: Understanding the Heaven of our Traditions and Projections in Contrast to Our Understanding of Deficiency Ministry   Led by Andre Radatus

                • 47:3.1–47.4.8 (532.7–535.4)

                      Saturday, June 6............ 2:00 pm-3:30 pm Mountain time/ 1 pm PDT/ 3 pm CDT/ 4 pm EDT

                      No Session

                      Join us the following Saturday (June 13) to continue our conversation on Conflict Resolution - Jesus' Way with Arlene Weimer.
                      • 141:5 (1591.6-1592.2) – Spiritual Unity
                      • 159:3.2-7 (1765.4-1766.3) – Respecting Personality and Free Will
                      • 159:1.3 (1762.5)  – Three Stages in resolving conflict
                      • See also 159:3.9 (1766.5) and 159:3.11 (1766.7)

                          Link to the Zoom meeting:  

                          Contact Admin@urantiauniversity.org to request the Zoom link to the daily UUI Cafe gatherings and to receive the daily email with the day's topic and questions, or refer to the weekly email blast sent to the UUI community. 

                          Cafe Hours: 

                          The Cafe hours have been staggered throughout the week to allow different time each day to accommodate various time zones and schedules as best we can.

                            • Mondays.............. 8:00am-9:30am Mountain time/ 7am PDT/ 9am CDT/ 10am EDT
                            • Tuesdays ............ 11:00am-12:30pm Mountain time/ 10am PDT/ 12noon CDT/ 1pm EDT
                            • Wednesdays ........ 2:00-3:30pm Mountain time/ 1pm PDT/ 3pm CDT/ 4pm EDT
                            • Thursdays ........... 5:00-6:30pm Mountain time/ 4pm PDT/ 6pm CDT/ 7pm EDT
                            • Fridays ................ 8:00-9:30pm Mountain time/ 7pm PDT/ 9pm CDT/ 10pm EDT 
                            • Saturdays ............ 2:00-3:30pm Mountain time/ 1pm PDT/ 3pm CDT/ 4pm EDT

                          There will be time for listening, studying, sharing, prayer, meditation, and worship.

                          The present planet-wide crisis affects us all in one way or another.  It's causing massive personal, societal, and economic disruptions. It can also deliver the kind of punch that knocks many people off center and provides a hidden gift: A chance for redirection and the discovery of spiritual truth, an opportunity to reconfigure our lives, thinking, and behaviors based on new enlightened foundations and structures. 

                            • How do we adapt and bring a spiritual context and understanding to the situation? 
                            • How do we best minister to others in this environment? How can we spread love, not fear?
                            • How do we deal with our own fears, doubts and questions? 
                            • How can we function as the lights in the world that we ought to be and want to be?
                            • What kind of opportunities does this give us for spreading the gospel? 
                            • How might Spirit be using this situation to elevate spiritual awareness?

                          Until the need passes, in addition to its ongoing courses, UUI will be sponsoring a series of Zoom sessions we’re calling theUUI Cafe. These will consist of a Zoom meeting each weekday and on the weekends at a different time each day to accommodate various time zones and schedules as best we can.  Each day of the week will have a different focus, but all will impinge upon the current cultural crisis. 

                          We will use passages from The Urantia Book for conversation starters, and pause for moments of focused worshipnow and then.

                          These sessions will be moderated by members of the UUI staff. The UUI Cafe is intended to be a place where members of the Urantia community can get together in supportive and Spirit-affirming discussions based on the clear light and spiritual truths of The Urantia Book. 

                          There are no assignments for these discussions, but the participants are encouraged to share passages from the UB and other resources that have given them insight and guidance in difficult circumstances.

                          There's no need to sign up for anything.  Just drop by!  No preparation is needed.

                          This is an experiment.  We will modify the schedule as needed to correspond with the demand and people's schedules, but will always notify everyone of the change by advance email.  We really don’t know what the response will be or if this will really meet a need in the Urantian community but we’re going to give it a try and see what happens.

                          Bring your hopes and fears, your love and sorrows.

                          Discover spiritual truth and wisdom.

                          Experience love and solidarity during this time of planet-wide crisis. 

                          Leave in faith, trust and LOVE.

                          James Taylor - "You've Got a Friend"

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