We gratefully accept gifts of time and talent!

Do you have any of these skills or interests? 

Contact us today about these meaningful opportunities! 

Instruction and Course Development

UrantiaUniversity Institute is looking for members of the Urantia community who would like to develop online courses and workshops for the growing network of Urantia Book readers around the world. UUI is also seeking support developing self-study guides.

Marketing and Website Design
  • website design & administration
  • video editing and production
  • graphic arts
  • online marketing

Operations and Administration

  • education administration
  • digital library development
  • accounting
  • record-keeping

UUI is entirely funded by its Trustees and a group of committed UUI Friends and student donors.

Everyone who teaches and works for UUI is an unpaid volunteer. 

To grow and broaden our educational services and reach, we ask for your financial help

and your volunteer service in the form of time and talent. 

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