Knowing God
                     Our Father/Mother

Original Reader Contributions on God Our Mother

The Mother and Father

Aspects of God

Kathy George-Moore

God is Trinity, Father, Son and Infinite Spirit. The Mother aspect of God begins when the Infinite Spirit down-steps to reach us through the Master Spirits and then through the Creative Mother Spirit to enable us to have a Mind. This mind which gives us the ability to have a spark of the Father within us, also gives us the ability to be conscious and to grow spiritually.

The mind is what we use to function, through the adjutant mind spirits we learn, love, worship and gain wisdom. We also learn to think critically and to expand into the world around us. This mind is the consciousness of our Mother. The Mother is also the core of all our experiences, and the actualizing Supreme, the experiential God.

The Creative Mother Spirit also provides us with the ministering spirits of the realm, the angels, who are with us, serving with us.

God the Father, through our Adjuster, will eventually fuse with our personality, God the Mother prepares us for this in giving us a mind for the Adjuster to work in.

Recognizing the Mother as present in the very fact that we are a conscious person with a functioning mind brings her presence to every moment that we are.

The gender aspect of God the Father and God the Mother is our human way of understanding, but God is much more than gender and beyond gender manifestation. We humans tend to bring everything to a human place so we can understand, but usually that just limits us.

As human beings, once we have a thorough understanding of the Father and the Mother aspects of God, we can move into a place where gender is no longer needed.

I feel the presence of the Thought Adjuster, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit and the angelic helpers, I feel the gifts of the adjutant mind spirits and also the cosmic intuitions, I don’t try to differentiate them, I just know them.

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