Knowing God Our Mother  

God the Mother

Esther Wood

Our Mother is All of Us as One. She is Experiential God as expressed through our local Daughter of the Infinite Mind. She is God All Around. She is our Creative Mother in relation with our Universe Father, who is personally known to us through the Spirit of Truth. Her Holy Spirit arrives in our minds as the adjutant mind levels of worship and wisdom are attained.

When a child has acquired the mental capacity to question why something is the way it is, and decides for herself what is right to do, she receives a Fragment of God, called the Thought Changer at this early age. The child has been spiritized at the farthest level from God, still more conscious of animal nature than the soul’s expression of ideals.

If the child seeks truth, there is a “conspiracy” of spiritual beings helping her learn who she is, so that she can understand her animal nature and master it. Sooner or later, if the child wills it, she traverses the Psychic Circles and becomes one with her central spark of God Within.

We recognize our Mother as we mindfully acknowledge Her Presence all around us. She provides the material that enables our Father to learn more about being perfect. When a creature understands another piece of the Grand Puzzle, Supreme Knowledge is gained. It is happening. God loves to learn!

The good news is we are invited to learn along with Him and Her through our experiences. Why would anyone not want to feel reverent about living? It opens us up to Universal Love, which makes our whole world better.

Because I grew up in a Christian religious mindset, I knew far more about Existential God and the perfection ideals to aim for, but I didn’t know God personally, except through prayer and being in nature. When I escaped the bondages of sinful judgment, I found God was everywhere. I was able to harmonize the truth of Jesus’s teachings with many new beliefs and practice them.

Experiential religionists, such as Wiccans, know Mother is God All Around, no matter what name they call their understanding of Her. They are comfortable with each other having a unique religious experience. They are aware that Her open vessel is Creative Imagination. When lower self submits to higher self, the Flow is attained. The crown opens to receive larger Mind via the window of the meanings we make. The Holy Spirit comes into a human mind through worship and wisdom, co-birthing soul-growth with our personal Fragment of God.

I am an expression of the Mother.

And so are you.

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