Knowing God Our Mother  

Human Gender: Design and Purpose

Stuart Kerr III

The inspired word of the Judeo-Christian Bible is written in very human language. The society and culture into which its translation to sacred text took place inexorably conditioned this language. The ancient patriarchal traditions that influenced the Bible's origins have served to place their own cultural character and social mores into the gender-conditioned language of this scripture, especially as this language is applied to describing the personal aspects of God and Deity. This resulting gender-conditioned language permeates present-day Judeo-Christian theology. This language is prevalent throughout both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. The revelators of The Urantia Book carry many of these language traditions into their own vocabulary, but they do so with one very important distinction. As we will see, their use of gender-descriptive terminology for aspects of personal Deity very often adds a whole new level of connotative distinction, a distinction carrying with it functional meanings that transcend the level of simple human gender. In much the same way, I too attempt in these writings to follow much of this same established pattern.

The concept of a personal God is expansive beyond our finite capabilities to characterize him. Because of our remoteness from the absolute level of consciousness, our finite level of comprehension cannot capture his infinite nature - human language will always prove incapable of fully discovering the inscrutable mystery of the Godhead. Our human language is utterly inadequate for fulfilling this task. From our experiential, finite perspective, we can only perceive the existential, eternity reality of God as a time-space conditioned relativity. Our circumscribed viewpoint, our inability to grasp the concept of unqualified eternity, must be supplemented by the revealed eternity viewpoint.

All local universe creations are supervised by the dual administrative presence of a Paradise Creator Son, who takes origin in the Father-Son union of Paradise Deity, and a Creative Mother Spirit, representing the local universe presence of the Paradise Mother Spirit. In our local universe of Nebadon, our Creator Son Michael and his Spirit companion, the Creative Mother Spirit, have been conjointly responsible for the creation of this material universe in which we live and breathe. The Paradise Father faithfully upholds this locally coordinated act of creative prerogative by fully supporting their divine right to "foster and sustain their work as well as to minister to the creatures of their own making." [UB 8:3:4]

There is inherent risk in our attempts to reduce the essential nature of God to our finite level of human comprehension. God is ultimately bf your wisdom beyond all attempts to categorize him. If we use our understanding of gendered terms to describe God's personal nature, if we use these terms for ascribing to God the human qualities that we understand as masculine and feminine character traits, we are in danger of metaphorically putting the cart before the horse. Rather, we are better served by realizing that the essential nature of humanity is fundamentally dependent upon God as the true First Source and Center of all realities, and that the qualities of gender we know as masculinity and femininity are ultimately derived from God as a personal being and as our spiritual Father.

Investigation into the true nature and design of the sexes exemplifies two primary insights:

1.    The male and female derivations of human gender are truly equal but differential - hence complemental - to one another by creative design.

2.    The supreme dependence of men and women on shared co-operation is divinely intended to greatly enhance their mutual potentials for social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth.

In its full and essential nature, humankind is dually differentiated according to function, awareness, and behavior response. Male and female are perfectly equal in mind endowment and spiritual status, but they remain individually supreme in their own personal domains of activity as these are "determined by biologic differentiation and by mental dissimilarity." [UB 84:5:13 (938:3)] Practically regarded, men and women are representative of "two distinct varieties of the same species living in close and intimate association." [UB 84:6:3 (938:7)]

Through the distinct and separate natures of the sexes, there result great dissimilarities of reaction, viewpoint, and thinking between man and woman. This division by gender provides for partnership associations that greatly multiply functional versatility. This enhancement of possibilities for personal attainment and accomplishment provides a means for overcoming the many inherent limitations incumbent on the imperfect status of finite being. Throughout our ascendant careers, men and women will beneficially cooperate "in the solution of perplexing universe problems and in the overcoming of manifold cosmic difficulties." [UB 84:6:6 (939:1)]

  Stuart has been reading The Urantia Book since 1974. He was a

  past president of the Connecticut Fellowship Society and a

  secretary for the Urantia Society of Greater New York (USGNY).

  He is a current member of the USGNY “Translation Oversight

  Committee”, providing 19 current Urantia Books in different

  languages with others in progress.

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