Knowing God Our Mother  

As Tom Choquette remarked in

his Forum talk on our Mother Spirit:

It is not so much that the Holy Spirit

is hidden as it is that we do not

pay attention to her unceasing,

everywhere presence and

activity in our minds.

Speakers for God our Mother
from the Urantian Community

On May 11, 2019, Urantia University Institute presented a Thought Leaders Forum in which 18 women and men from the Urantia community served as Speakers of God our Mother.

They gave eloquent testimony to the reality and personal presence of the Holy Spirit - the Universe Mother Spirit of our local universe of Nebadon - in their lives. Their short talks illuminated the functions and qualities of God our Mother and testified to the fact that we can have a personal relationship with her.

Their lucid insights can help us develop and cultivate a balanced view of God our Father and God our Mother as revealed in The Urantia Book and develop the qualities of each of these personal expressions of God's infinitely loving nature within ourselves. 

The transcripts of their Forum talks are provided below, followed by the written submissions of other devoted students from the Urantia Community. 

The Speakers of God our Mother (in the order of their appearance in the Forum event):

Dave Tenney, Kaye Cooper, Bill Cooper, Sharon Porter, Mary Huggins, Lu Schanfarber, Patrick Yesh, Maureen Amato Mayes, Esther Wood, Stuart Kerr, K. Brendi Poppel, Meredith Tenney, Frieda Friendentia, Diane Labrecque, Andre Radatus, Tom Choquette & Susan Cook, and Elisabeth Callahan

Transcripts of the Forum Speakers' Talks

Click on the links in each box to read the Speaker's complete talk

Cultivating a Personal Relationship

with God Our Mother

Dave Tenney

Upon discovering the Urantia Book, I was very pleased to see that the Second Source and Center is also our “Universal Mother” (6:8.1); the Infinite Spirit is our “Paradise Mother Spirit” ... 

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My Relationship

with Mother Spirit

Kaye Cooper

In 2014, I knew a few people that had become close to our Universe Mother Spirit. I had especially heard Tom Choquette and Susan Cook talk about working with Mom for years, but ... 

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My Journey of Discovering Our

Local Universe Mother Spirit

Sharon Porter

I began my beautiful journey to get to know and have a relationship with our Local Universe Mother Spirit at the 2014 Fellowship International Conference. It was there ...

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Why Relate to God as Mother?

Bill Cooper

A major function of the Trinity is to express God more clearly and understandably. God the I AM, in its fullness, is mind boggling, but even so, the I AM wants relationships. The Son ...

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How I Came to Know

Our Mother Spirit

Mary Huggins

The winding road ahead hid the far distant destination. The RV behind us followed obediently, tracking exactly in our tire prints on the asphalt already warm at 5:00 AM. The early morning ...

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Our Father God

and Our Mother God

Lu Schanfarber

Surprisingly, some long-time students of The Urantia Book, including high-profile leaders within the Urantia community, frequently contest the equality of Our Mother God and ...

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Holy Mother Spirit of Nebadon

Patrick Yesh

I am referencing David Bradley’s wonderful book “Our local Universe Mother Spirit” in which he describes the many families of  the Third Person of Deity the Infinite Spirit, from which ...

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Our Mother God

Maureen Amato Mayes

Becoming aware of God our Mother has deepened and enriched my experience of God. She offers so many ways for us to connect and to feel nourished and supported. She permeates ...

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Human Gender  Design and Purpose

Stuart Kerr III

The inspired word of the Judeo-Christian Bible is written in very human language. The society and culture into which its translation to sacred text took place inexorably conditioned ...

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God the Mother

Esther Wood

Our Mother is All of Us as One. She is Experiential God as expressed through our local Daughter of the Infinite Mind. She is God All Around. She is our Creative Mother in relation with ... 

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The Divine Feminine

Meredith Tenney

Our Universe Mother Spirit has been gathering the women at the Women’s Assembly of the Parliament of World Religions, and at the United Nations, where thousands of women come to advocate for a 5th UN Women’s World Conference. ...

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The Religious Experience

of God our Mother

Frieda Friendentia   

I have often said that I came late to this conversation about the Mother Spirit. My relationship with Her presence defies words; and is how I make sense of Paper 99:5.9: "It is high time .. 

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Striving to Know Our Mother God

on Imperfect Uncertain Urantia

Andre Radatus

My sister once said to me that she thought the Way of the Mother Spirit is to honor all her children, treating them with the respect that is due to them as persons.  She went on to tell me that ...

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Our Mother Spirit Is All-Loving,

All-Nurturing, and All-Understanding

Diane Labrecque

To me, our Divine Mother Spirit is an all-loving, all-understanding and all-nurturing MotherMother Spirit is an all-loving Mother in that she expresses Her unconditional Love at all times, toward ...

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Service is the Key to Growing

in the Holy Spirit

Susan Cook and Tom Choquette

The Creative Spirit is really significant in our lives. She stayed hidden in my life ... Well, she didn't stay hidden ... I just wasn't paying attention to her. She was out for the first half of my ...

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My Encounter with the Holy Spirit

of Our Universe Mother Spirit

Elisabeth H. Callahan

Who is God our Mother to me? She is God our Mother Supreme in whose grand universe body we exist and grow, where we act out our lives and learn about God and the universe, and in whom ...

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