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The UUI Thought Leaders Forum is a series of online dialogues modeled in part

on the Ted Talks concept. The primary distinction is that the UUI Thought Leaders Forum

is interactive and has a spiritual context for examining and presenting ideas

of progressive, evolutionary value in science, philosophy, and religion 

that are inspired by The Urantia Book and may help to shape a better world. 

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of past Thought Leader events.

Urantia University Institute's mission to foster the development of a wiser, more balanced and compassionate world rests on offering free classes, thought-provoking events, and transformative spiritual training that contribute to personal and planetary spiritual progress.

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Education is the business of living; it must continue throughout a lifetime so that mankind may gradually experience the ascending levels of mortal wisdom, which are:

1.  The knowledge of things.
2.  The realization of meanings.
3.  The appreciation of values.
4.  The nobility of work – duty.
5.  The motivation of goals – morality.
6.  The love of service – character.
7.  Cosmic insight – spiritual discernment.

    And then, by means of these achievements, many will ascend to the mortal

    ultimate of mind attainment, God-consciousness.

        ~ From The Urantia Book 71:7.5-13

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