Class #1200  |  March 4-31, 2018

Gospel Training Class

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About the Class 

What is the Gospel message according to Jesus?  How did Jesus teach?  What is the value of teaching in parables?  How and why did he structure training of the apostles in public ministry 2x2?

If you would like to amplify your skills in sharing the message of Jesus, join us for the month of March 2018 - culminating on Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018.

We will share suggested reading materials, videos, and have live discussions, to inspire each other to do this work of sharing Jesus’ message.

Developed by the Urantia Book Fellowship

This class is being offered through the auspices of the Urantia Book Fellowship to prepare those who embrace the gospel of Jesus to live it and share it more dynamically and meaningfully with others. 

We are grateful for the loving service of this exemplary group of wholehearted and faithful students of The Urantia Book and the life and teachings of Jesus who have been gathered to teach and lead this innovative course.  

The class is also recommended for Urantia Book readers who are planning to attend the Parliament of World Religions and want to hone their skills in artfully representing the Urantia Book and teachings of Jesus to people of other faiths.

Some of the transformative learning that students  will experience in this class:

Week 1 (March 4-10)
Theme:  Cooperating with the Spirit of Truth in Proclaiming Jesus’ Gospel Today
Led by  Jeff Wattles and Cristina Seaborn

  1. Learn how to discover the spiritual difficulties of the present generation—for whom the Spirit of Truth is formulating a new and up-to-date version of the gospel (194:2.1/2060.6).
  2. To meet these spiritual difficulties, probe the resources in Jesus’ many-sided gospel, and then select relevant truths and express them in a way that communicates today.
  3. Learn to enter into gospel consciousness as you live and work with the Spirit of Truth—just like Jesus except for his body.

Week 2 (March 11-17)
Theme:  Teaching in Parables
Led by  Gard Jameson

Learn about "the parables" and the way in which they help us to reframe our understanding and engagement with the human experience. They invite us to examine our own perspective and prejudice, and repent, change the direction in which we are looking for happiness. They invite us to consent to God’s Presence and Action by illustrating the proper attitudes of faith. The Gospel is not words; it is transformation. Without the proper attitude, approach, such transformation is unavailable. 

  1. Comprehend parables as a wisdom teaching
  2. Assess parables as a valuable gospel technique
  3. Perceive parables as a tool of transformation

Week 3 (March 18-24)
Theme:  How Jesus Taught
Led by  Tom Choquette & Susan Cook

  1. Describe and evaluate three examples of different ways that Jesus taught his gospel to his apostles, disciples, and passers-by.
  2. Come up with examples of different ways to start a conversation with people you know or meet; and create an opening for mentioning the Gospel.
  3. Evaluate different methods of sharing the Gospel and correlate them with situations where each method would be effective.

Week 4 (March 25-31)
Theme:  Training of the Apostles in Public Ministry 2x2
Led by  André Radatus & Paula Thompson

  1. Understand the practical reasons for Jesus sending out the apostles, disciples, and women's corps members two-and-two;
  2. Comprehend the spiritual and personal ideals of two-and two faith ministry and the positive outcomes they lead to;
  3. Anticipate and prepare for the struggles of two by two teaching and how it can prepare for solo ministry.


After I enroll, what happens next?

  1. Upon enrolling in the class you will receive a confirmation email
  2. Around one week before the class starts, you will receive a reminder email about the start of class.  
  3. A third email with login information for the class will be sent to enrolled students the night before the start date of the class. This email will contain the student's user name and password and the link to Urantia University's Wikispaces classroom.

Can I audit this class?

Yes, the audit option is available for this class. 

Will I get a grade for this class? 

At this time, no grades are given for completing UUI classes. This class has been designed chiefly for personal enrichment and is part of the larger Introduction to The Urantia Book Course. 

Course Format 
  • Instructional videos 
  • Assigned readings
  • Learning exercises
  • Written discussion forums in the online classroom
  • Live weekly webinars in UUI's Zoom video conference room (interactive online discussion group)
Required Effort:  A minimum of 3 hours per week in reading and discussion; additional time for instructional videos, 90-minute weekly webinar, and supplemental learning.

    Course Level

    This course is intended for all students of The Urantia Book and the teachings of Jesus


    Tom Choquette

    Tom Choquette is most well known to many Urantia Book readers as the guy who takes kids on adventures - both physical and spiritual - at Urantia conferences and as the co-founder of the "Truth Seekers" program for the Urantia youth. Youths at risk and in crisis have been Tom's service focus for many years. He has ministered to homeless and street kids (providing food, hope, love and friendship) and at risk youth in the Seattle area for many years through a program he co-founded called "Teen Hope," an emergency youth shelter, "Peace Table," a peer mediation program, and "University Street Ministries" with Teen Feed, Teen Shelter, and Skate Park. He served as President of the Board and as a volunteer for many years with these organizations. 

    Tom has been a long-term leader in the Urantia movement for many years, both in the Seattle WA area and in his previous home in Alaska where he helped co-found the "Northern Lights Urantia Society" and "The Pilot Light Urantia Society of Seattle." He has started and facilitated several study groups and has been a dedicated Urantia Book reader since the early 70's. He is author of the book, "Children of the Lie."

              Tom Choquette and Susan Cook

    Susan Cook

    The Urantia Book found Susan Cook 35 years ago on a bus. The book taught her to love others and to serve. She's served on the Fellowship's General Council and Executive Committee as Interfaith chair and has chaired two International Urantia Conferences as well as eight other conferences and gatherings. Susan's favorite thing in life is bringing people together to learn about our Spiritual influences all around us. Susan is co-founder and President of Little Wolf Productions, Inc., a non profit documentary film production company. 

    Gard Jameson

    Gard has accumulated a long service history in the Urantia community and has been influential in the growth of the Interfaith movement. He offers Urantia Book-inspired insights to his classroom students and religious colleagues while he reminds Urantia Book readers about the pearls of wisdom in all the world’s religions. His knowledge of eastern philosophy and ancient mythology, and how these relate to living a contemplative life style, engages people from all walks of life. Gard is a Urantia Foundation trustee and Urantia Book reader since 1971. He is a professor of Asian philosophy and religion at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He received his Ph.D. from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Comparative Mythology with emphasis in Depth Psychology. He is married to Dr. Florence Jameson with two children, Michael and Julia.

    Cristina Seaborn

    Cristina is a world class fiddler, violinist, composer, and teaching artist living in Minnesota. Through the many Urantia conferences, she has found her place as a performer and music director for the spiritual upliftment of audiences. She currently serves on the Interfaith Committee of the Urantia Book Fellowship.

    Andre Radatus

    Canadian born, Andre emigrated to Denver in 1980 to teach learning-difference youngsters in a school founded and fostered by three Urantia Book students. He taught there for 15 years. More recently, he spent a year and a half immersed in the French language and Québec culture studying Le Livre d'Urantia with francophone readers in the Laurentians.  He has since returned "home" to the Front Range of Colorado and currently works as a utilization analyst for an organic dairy in Boulder.  André has three adult children (Michael, Vanessa and Yvana). The Urantia Book’s truths have spoken compellingly to André since March of 1976. He has attended study groups regularly and continuously since 1978. André is a trustee and instructor of UrantiaUniversity Institute where he also serves as Chair of the Curriculum Committee. You can also listen to him regularly as the co-host with Paula Thompson and Derek Samaras on The Cosmic Citizen Blog Talk Radio show. 


    Paula Thompson

    Paula has been an avid student of The Urantia Book since early in 1976, when, as she says, “It came into my life at a time of great crisis, as the answer to a fervent prayer for some good news.” She has read the book daily for 40 years and has studied it weekly with a group since 1977. She joined The Urantia Book Fellowship in 1982 when it was known as The Urantia Brotherhood. 

    In 1989 she went to work for the Jesusonian Foundation and was Executive Director there from 1993 to 2006. In that time she managed Good Cheer Catalog and developed numerous study and outreach aids for The Urantia Book, most notably the website

    Paula was elected to the Fellowship’s General Council in 1994 where she is currently serving her third 9-year-term as a General Councilor. She served as the Fellowship’s Outreach Committee Chair from 1997-2006 and as Secretary General from 2009-2012. In 2006 Paula became the Fellowship’s Executive Director and continues to work in that capacity. Paula has served the Urantia community as the long-term co-host of The Cosmic Citizen Blog Talk Radio show. 


    Jeff Wattles

    Born in Chicago in 1945, Jeff Wattles is a philosopher, teacher, author, preacher, and presenter. During his professional career, he pioneered an experiential approach to education in meaning and value through growth-promoting, project-centered courses in philosophy and religion. His written works include The Golden Rule and his newly published Living in Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

    Jeff’s mission is to promote the realization of the universal family—the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. He encourages everyone to use the language that fits their discovery of the Creator whose spirit lives within. He is applying his philosophy of living to create a new approach to evangelism centered on the heart of Jesus’ life and teachings.

    Among his other interests are guitar playing, performing as a singer-songwriter, and the arts generally; working out at Kent State University’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center; the Japanese culture of his wife (their son works in Tokyo.


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