Prayers from Salem

This beautiful collection of prayers comes to us anonymously from a member of the Urantia community.

Morning Prayer

Be in my mind Father, when I wake, and shine on me throughout the day today.  

Let every moment be a time in which I dwell with you.  

You are my source.  I cannot see apart from You.  

And let me never forget my sincere thanksgiving in every moment knowing you have remained with me, and always will be there to hear my call to You and answer me.  

All throughout the day, let all my thoughts be still of You and of Your Love.  And let me journey through the day in your loving grace, light, and holiness, sure of my safety, certain of Your Care, and happily aware I am your son.  I AM THAT I AM

Noon Prayer

My senses seek to witness in every moment only that which is perfectly aligned in every moment with your light.  

You go with me wherever I go. I walk together with you in perfect holiness. 

Your voice speaks for me in every moment, thereby enabling me to be ready to listen, willing to learn, and able to do whatever you will for me in miracle and salvation consciousness.  

I Will to do whatever you ask of me, and I also Will not to do whatever is not perfectly aligned in every moment with Your Light.  

I am as You created me.  I am Your son eternally.  I AM THAT I AM

Evening Prayer

I Will that my mind be illumined to hear Your Divine Voice that continually speaks within me, so that I may become fully conscious of the Wisdom, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty of Your soon-to-be-fully achieved personality which constantly indwells me.  

I Will that you my Spirit-self, my beloved Spark of Light within, together with my ascending immortal morontia soul and personality, be fused in alignment with Your Will my Father.  

I Will that Your Will be done.  I Will that my will and beingness be solely, willingly, completely and absolutely aligned with Your Will and Beingness my Father, now, this day, and forever.  So be it.  I AM THAT I AM

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