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The evolution of spirit dominance over matter by the mediation of (personal) mind

A major theme of vital importance to personal and planetary progress in The Urantia Book is the necessity of developing and maintaining a balanced perspective on the universe, one that rests equally on Science, Philosophy and Religion in order to better comprehend the true nature of Matter, Mind and Spirit.

No book in human history has ever attempted to present the integrated understanding of the coordination and interpenetration of these three infinite, eternal and unique realities of Matter, Mind and Spirit on the vast scale portrayed in The Urantia Book.

Think about that for a moment - the integration of Science, Philosophy and Religion into a grand unifying view of the cosmos! And why is this so important?

Perhaps because, more than ever before, we need a balanced understanding of the true meaning and value of our individual and interpersonal lives as well as our place in the cosmos - a viewpoint that wisely integrates Science, Philosophy AND Religion. 

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         Broken three-legged stool

                                          Functional three-legged stool

If we want to obtain a truly complete, accurate and useful cosmic point of view on the universe and our place in it, we are best served by giving equal weight to these three fields of human knowledge and experience:  Science, Philosophy and Religion and combining them into a coordinated body of knowledge.  

To demonstrate this, think about a three-legged stool. If one of the legs is shorter or weaker than the other legs, what will happen when you sit on it? It will likely wobble and not provide a stable support. It may even topple over.

The same is true when the three legs of science, philosophy and religion are out of balance.  When we ignore or minimize one or more of them, our world view is skewed and incomplete and our view of universe reality is likewise seriously deficient.

Science  |  Matter  |  Fact

We need Science to instruct us about the laws of energy-matter and our physical environment, so that we may apply that knowledge to living better and successfully in our material world. 

Linear accelerator

Philosophy  |  Mind  |  Meaning

And we need Philosophy to help us learn how to think more clearly and to reasonably discern the universe of things, meanings and values so that we may harmonize science and religion and become truly moral beings on the stage of the cosmos.

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Religion  |  Spirit  |  Value

We need Religion to instruct us about cosmic reality, our true relationship with God and each other, and spirit values, so that we may become increasingly God-conscious, live in ever expanding harmony with each other, and make progress toward our mutual divine destiny. 

World religion icons

Girls face in the cosmos

To put it another way,

the challenge of our time is to intelligently coordinate and unify the realms of Science, Philosophy and Religion so that we may move towards a greater comprehension of total cosmic reality, one that benefits individual lives as well as our entire civilization. 

The cosmic concepts and principles presented in The Urantia Book assist us in tuning into the Big Picture of Reality. This in turn helps us to make better sense of our lives.  In the process we achieve an enlightened and expanded understanding of the origin, purpose and destiny of our lives.

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