Introduction to The Urantia Book Course:  #1002

Perspectives On Urantia Book Study:

Frames of Reference for a Revelation

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About the Class

Students will learn about frames of reference and ways of studying The Urantia Book (or any book) with greater awareness of the factors which affect perception and understanding while also developing their critical thinking skills.

Frames of Reference

The class begins with an orientation to the many factors, mostly unconscious, which affect our perception of anything we see or read, including The Urantia Book. 

We will learn about frames of reference and develop a greater awareness of the context, viewpoints, values, and sets of presuppositions within which our perception and thinking always seem to occur. 

Frames of reference affect the way we communicate ideas, assess data, and even how we behave. Our context or 'frame' for viewing the world of people and things selectively constrains the course and outcome of our perception and thinking.

After this introduction, we will examine several perspectives from which we may we study The Urantia Book and, by so doing, expand our understanding of the book and of the purposes and methods of its authors.

Looking forward, this course is the first of the classes in this series. The second is “Perspectives on Urantia Book Study 2 – Revelation in History: The Evolutionary Context for Epochal Revelation,” which will be offered later in the year.


After I enroll, what happens next?

  1. Upon enrolling in the class you will receive a confirmation email. 
  2. Around one week before the class starts, you will receive a reminder email about the start of class.  
  3. A third email with login information for the class will be sent to enrolled students the night before the start date of the class. This email will contain the student's user name and password and the link to Urantia University's Wikispaces classroom.

Can I audit this class?

Yes, you have a choice to register either as an Auditor or a full-time Participant in this class. 

Auditors are those who choose to study on their own and not participate in the assignments or class discussions.

Participants are expected to make an effort to complete the weekly reading and discussion questions, work on the experiential philosophy project, and engage in the written discussion online webinars when possible. 

Will I get a grade for this class? 

At this time, no grades are given for completing UUI classes. This class has been designed chiefly for personal enrichment.

Course Format 

Time frame:  4 weeks

The class consists of:

  • Instructional videos 
  • Suggested readings
  • Peer-to-peer learning exercises
  • Discussion boards in online classroom
  • Three webinars (interactive online discussions with the instructor and fellow students)

Class Level:  Beginners & Intermediate

Students at all levels of study may benefit from this class.

Instructor:  Merritt Horn

Merritt has been reading The Urantia Book since 1968. He was a charter member of the Rocky Mountain Spiritual Fellowship, co-founder and Academic Officer of the Boulder School for Students of The Urantia Book, and is the author of The Call of the Spirit (1984, 2008). He recorded one of the published audio versions of The Urantia Book, has been tracking and analyzing typographical issues in the text of The Urantia Book for many years, and is a member of the Standard Reference Text committee.  

Merritt is also a member of the General Council of the Urantia Book Fellowship and has served as an Associate Trustee of Urantia Foundation. Out in the real world, he is the IT Director for a large organic foods manufacturer. Merritt lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife, Jeanney, and all too or more of their four daughters.

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