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Soul Identity and Personality Unification


Patrick Yesh

Start Date:

Saturday, February 25

End Date:

Saturday, April 1


11 am - 1 pm MT 
10 am PT/ 12 pm CT/ 1 pm ET (6 pm GMT)

Course Description

Soul Identity and Personality Unification will introduce Urantia Book readers to an experiential and interactive understanding of the whole self as body, mind, soul and spirit, unified through personality.

The goal of the course is to help participants identify more fully and consistently with the soul-self and morontia-mind rather than the material-self and human-mind. This endeavor will be undertaken by examining our motivations, identifying our purposes, and activating transformation by turning the text of The Urantia Book into affirmations, thereby putting us in intimate conversation with our Thought Adjusters and in alignment with the Father’s divine plan for our progressive perfection attainment. Affirmations deliberately written in the first-person point of view strengthen the process of transferring the seat of one’s identity to the soul.

108:5.4 (1191.5) Your Adjuster is the potential of your new and next order of existence, the  advance bestowal of your eternal sonship with God. By and with the consent of your will,  the Adjuster has the power to subject the creature trends of the material mind to  the transforming actions of the motivations and purposes of the emerging morontial soul. 

Registration is now closed. 

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Each weekly live class features an:  

  • Introduction 

  • Keynote quote 

  • Topical discussion segment(s) 

  • Open Q&A with class members 

  • Meditation (on a specific thought/theme) 

  • Formation of an affirmation (s) from the keynote quote 

  • Homework assignment (bring to the next class) 

  • Wrap up 

  • Closing worship session

How do I access the materials? Course materials will be accessed using UUI's Online Campus

Level: No prerequisite

Size: Class is limited to 25 participants.

Language: English

Grading: None

Weekly Outline

Week 1: Introduction: Who and What is the Soul?

The soul is that spiritual part of ourselves that is in contact with our Thought Adjuster, either  consciously or unconsciously and is simultaneously human and divine.

You and your Thought Adjuster create your soul with every moral and spiritual decision that you have made and will make in the future. Over time, and with practice and repetition, we build neural pathways in the brain and strengthen our identification with our evolving soul, automatically influencing the way we think, feel, and act.

Week 2: What is our Soul-Mind? 

Week 3: Motivations and Purposes of the Emerging Morontial Soul

Week 4: Personality and Soul Identity

Week 5: Our Adjuster’s Divine Plan for our Intellectual and Spiritual Development

Week 6: Defining the difference between Meditation and Worship

Learning Outcomes

Seeing eye-to-eye with our Thought Adjuster

Affirmation: You, my beloved Adjuster, are the advance bestowal of my eternal  sonship with God. By and with the consent of my will, I allow you to exercise your   divine power to subject the creature trends of my material mind to the transforming   actions of the motivations and purposes of our emerging morontial soul.

“You become what you think about all day long.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Patrick Yesh

Patrick is a professional artist, teacher, and experiential workshop facilitator. He makes his home in Western Canada.  Patrick’s commissions include fine art portraits, and personal art of Angels and Spiritual Guides.  His Masters of Education research was in spiritual therapeutic arts. “Creating spiritual Art can be the highest expression of our soul, a revelation of truth, beauty and goodness” Patrick’s hosts lectures and workshops internationally, which empower participants to see from their Spirit eyes, and make profound changes in their lives  

Patrick's personal paintings illustrate the spiritual world of angels, soul portraits and advanced Spiritual concepts. Yesh's inspiration comes from The Urantia Book – a 21st century revelation. He has presented dozens of workshops for various Urantia organizations.

Learn more about Patrick's art on his website Art and Soul

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