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From Comfort to Growth


Guy Perron, Agnes Lazar

Start Date:

Saturday, February 10, 2024

End Date:

Saturday, March 3, 2024


2-3 pm ET / 1-2 pm CT / 12-1 pm MT / 11 am-12 noon PT /
8-9 am Hawaii / 8-9 pm UTC/GMT +1 hour (CET)

Course Description

If you seek liberation from limiting belief systems and old habits of feeling, thinking, and acting that no longer serve your path of progressive enlightenment, then you may benefit greatly from participating in From Comfort to Growth.

This experiential course uses time-tested principles of spiritual thinking and practice which facilitate the soul's orientation towards God-consciousness, loving service to others, and even to cosmic consciousness.

Wholehearted participants will be guided beyond their comfort zone, through a process of transcending fear and learning new practical skills, towards higher and wider levels of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual intelligence.

Relying on the unsurpassed teachings of The Urantia Book, faith-trust in God, and earnest personal spiritual inquiry and insights, participants will be supported by experienced spiritual guides in realizing and actualizing the 7 Steps to Spiritual Freedom.

These steps help us to move out of our comfort zone, transcend fear, learn new practical skills, and be wholeheartedly involved in our own religious and spiritual growth to become more and more useful to others in loving and unselfish service.

The smaller class size will afford participants a greater measure of personal support from the course guides and interaction with their peers.

Orientation:  February 10, 2024

The session is designed to introduce participants to the 7 Steps to Spiritual Freedom. These steps can lead devoted and willing individuals to that fourth level of philosophy wherein one "attains freedom from all conventional and traditional handicaps and dares to think, act, and live honestly, loyally, fearlessly, and truthfully." (101:7.4) 

Format: This experiential course focuses on earnest inquiry, personal insight, sharing one's religious experiences with others in a circle of trust, and the practice of prayer, meditation, and worship. It does not require extensive reading or any written homework - only sincere personal spiritual practice throughout the days and weeks of the course.

The course will feature a total of 7 live class discussions in a Zoom meeting room during which the students and Instructors will meet to discuss the week's growth concepts, learning activities, and reflective questions within the privacy of a circle of trust.

Participants will be guided by relevant passages in The Urantia Book, the practices of prayer and worship, and meditative contemplation of two or three probing questions that stir the truth-seeking mind and provoke insight.

Level:  For everyone

Group Size:  Maximum of 28 people

Effort:  2 hour weekly Zoom class discussion + 2 hours/week outside class

Language:  English

Weekly Outline

Week 1 (Feb 10): Preparation and commitment

Week 2 (Feb 17): Moving out of our comfort zone – facing acedia & spiritual bypassing

Week 3 (Feb 24): Transcending fear – acquiring courage and spiritual strength

Week 4 (Mar 2): Learning new practical inner skills

Week 5 (Mar 9): Religious growth – connecting – making inner changes

Week 6 (Mar 16): Spiritual growth – asking to be transformed – becoming more

Week 7 (Mar 23): Morontial living and socializing – becoming more and more useful to others

Please note: This experiential class is designed to stimulate spiritual education and growth and is not intended to be group therapy.

Learning Outcomes

(1114.2) 101:7.4 The great difference between a religious and a nonreligious philosophy of living consists in the nature and level of recognized values and in the object of loyalties.


There are four phases in the evolution of religious philosophy:

  • Such an experience may become merely conformative, resigned to submission to tradition and authority.

  • Or it may be satisfied with slight attainments, just enough to stabilize the daily living, and therefore becomes early arrested on such an adventitious level. Such mortals believe in letting well enough alone.

  • A third group progress to the level of logical intellectuality but there stagnate in consequence of cultural slavery. It is indeed pitiful to behold giant intellects held so securely within the cruel grasp of cultural bondage. It is equally pathetic to observe those who trade their cultural bondage for the materialistic fetters of a science, falsely so called.

  • The fourth level of philosophy attains freedom from all conventional and traditional handicaps and dares to think, act, and live honestly, loyally, fearlessly, and truthfully.

Guy and Agnes have been dedicated students of The Urantia Book since 2000 and work vigilantly and diligently to live and share its incomparable teachings in their daily lives. Their goal is to serve selflessly in all spheres and places of activity: education, individual, family, and community. They have given workshops in English and in French, including “Is God’s Love Unconditional,” “Discourse of the Master on the Soul,” “Teaching and Leadership According to The Urantia Book,” and “Are We in the Way of God,” among many others. They work and live in Belgium.

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