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First Steps Foreword


Merritt Horn

Start Date:

Monday, October 23, 2023

End Date:

Monday, November 6, 2023


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm MT
4:00 pm PT/ 6:00 pm CT/ 7:00 pm ET

Course Description

A Foreword course for Beginners…and for those who still feel like Beginners!

First Steps Foreword is a very brief (2 weeks; 3 seminars) look at the Foreword of The Urantia Book and is intended to reduce some of the mystery and remove some of the anxiety that most new readers (and many experienced readers) feel when faced with the Foreword.  We’ll take a fresh look at the author’s purpose and technique, examine the structure and content from a high level, and talk a bit about what it means to “understand the Foreword.”

We will try out a practical approach to reading the Foreword—and getting the most out of it—whether you’re a brand-new reader or a long-time reader who’s “still just a little fuzzy on the details.” Of course, we’ll spend some time clarifying difficult terms and concepts, but the primary purpose of the course is to help you to become a self-sufficient “Foreworder” by stepping back and examining not just what the Foreword says, but what it is and what it does.

There is no orientation session for this course.  A short video will be shared in advance of the first Zoom session to provide orientation.

This course will keep you busy with reading so we won’t have many other assignments, but we will utilize the discussion boards intensively to help each other with the terms and concepts we find troublesome.


  • Coursework includes weekly readings, videos, and discussion board participation culminating in a weekly online seminar using Zoom video conferencing. 

  • Course materials will be accessed through UUI’s Online Campus.

  • Participants are expected to attend all the weekly meetings and complete the reading and homework assignments. Under extenuating circumstances, a video recording of the Zoom meeting will be made available if you have to miss a session. 

Weekly Outline
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Learning Outcomes
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Merritt  Horn has been reading The Urantia Book since 1968. He was a charter member of the Rocky Mountain Spiritual Fellowship, co-founder of the  Boulder School for Students of the Urantia Book, and is the author of  The Call of the Spirit (1984, 2008). He has been tracking and analyzing typographical issues in the text of the Urantia Book for many years and is a member of the Standard Reference Text committee.

In addition to serving as a General Councilor for the Urantia Book Fellowship,  he is a Trustee of UrantiaUniversity and has served as an Associate  Trustee for Urantia Foundation. Merritt has entered the busy  're-firement' stage of life after retiring from his position as the IT  Director for a large organic foods manufacturer. Merritt lives in  Boulder, CO with his wife, Jeanney, and any of their four daughters who might happen to be 'visiting' at the moment.

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