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Emergence of the Supreme Being
Stuart Kerr
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Emergence of the Supreme Being

11 am - 1 pm PT
12 pm MT / 1 pm CT / 2 pm ET
Course Description

The Supremacy of Deity is functioning right now, in our very own finite reality of time and space. It is on this level of time-space conditioned Deity expression that we seek personal identification with our Father in Paradise, a level that encompasses the activity of "man finding God and God finding man - the creature becoming perfect as is the Creator." [UB 56:10.3 (646:4)] It is on this level of the Supreme that personalities throughout the grand universe begin their quest to find their true identity in the Father's love. It is here that we begin our endless journey to find eternity and to explore infinity. This is a search for finding the Father and for becoming perfect as the Father is absolutely perfect.

It is the bold purpose of this course to help you to develop for yourself a practical and working comprehension of your own personal growth as an individual and your unique contribution to the evolution and emergence of the Supreme Being. You will discover that as we are striving for our own time-space perfection of body, mind, and soul identity, the Supreme Being is striving for his collective perfection of triune presence of the Almighty Supreme, Supreme Mind, and God the Supreme. At the level of the Supreme, Deity is self-experiential, power-personalizing, and creature-Creator unifying. Perfection must be achieved in time and space through the process of personal experience. In order for a Supreme reality to become actually real, it must first become experienced. The perfection of the Supreme Being is experienced in reality through the total commitments and efforts of each and every personality in the grand universe.

There is no orientation session for this class. 


Students will be assigned required readings from The Urantia Book and be expected to study all of each classes’ instructional reading material. These studies will be discussed and reviewed at each class’s Zoom meetings.

This topical Study is useful for anyone desiring a functional understanding of how our personal destinies are directly connected with the destined emergence of the Supreme Being.

Weekly Outline
  1. The Supremacy of Deity (Time-Space)

  2. God the Supreme, the Almighty Supreme (The Supreme Mind)

  3. The Experiential Perfection of the Supreme (The Transmutation of Potentials to Actuals)

  4. Power-Personality Unification (God the Sevenfold)

  5. The Sevenfold Controllers (Havona and the Supreme Creator Personalities)

  6. Creature-Creator Synthesis

  7. Man's Search for the Supreme (Creature-Supreme Identification)

  8. Man's Perfection with the Supreme (Predestination and Providence)

Learning Outcomes

This is the supreme challenge: to bring the perfection of eternity and the divinity of Paradise out into the evolutionary domains of time and space, domains of unsettled physical development, of imperfect nature, and potential evil where creatures of imperfection make their appearance. The actualizing Supreme Being is compelled to express himself as a subeternal personality by virtue of his own emerging will and purpose in distributing himself to the time-space creations. His emerging being expands with the evolutionary universes and identifies with all creature growth.

God the Supreme is finite and is therefore comprehensible to finite creatures. We can never fully comprehend the fullness of the Universal Father, but we will all someday understand the Supreme Being because, like us, he has an origin, he has growth, and he has a destiny - he can achieve completion of perfection. The Supreme Being is God as finite creatures can understand him. Our inability ever to really know the Father in all of his attributes is compensated by our sometimes ability to know the Supreme Being (it takes infinite understanding to know an infinite God). We will understand the Supreme, and we will be expository of the Supreme.

  • Understand The Urantia Book’s revelation on the Supreme Being as it takes primal origin in Deity and as it becomes a functional reality in the human experience.

  • Embrace how the Supreme Being's very struggle for personal expression in the grand universe, the very evolution of his sovereign divinity, is directly dependent upon the freewill decisions of every personality in finite existence - the whole of his being is predicated on the totality of their combined actions.

  • Learn how the grand universe is truly a living organism wherein both man and Supreme seek to be co-creators of their own perfection, wherein both contribute to the living and evolving Deity of power and perfection in the overcontrol of the seven superuniverses.

  • Gain an understanding of how ascending finaliters are destined to the service and the revelation of the Supreme Being in and to the future universes of the four outer space levels of the Master Universe. Each perfected mortal finaliter, evolved in time and space and fused with a fragment of Deity, will express Supreme Deity just as Michael, during his mortal incarnation, expressed the Universal Father.

Emergence of the Supreme Being

Stuart has been reading The Urantia Book since 1974. He was a past president of the Connecticut Fellowship Society and a secretary for the Urantia Society of Greater New York (USGNY). He has led over a dozen workshops at various Urantia Book conferences over the past 30 years and is the author of “God, Man, and Supreme – Origin and Destiny” and “Parallels – Topical Comparisons of Quotes from the Holy Bible, Ernest Shurtleff Holmes, Eckhart Tolle, Rumi, and Paramahansa Yogananda with The Urantia Book.”  I was also on the editorial team for the newly published book, “The Untold Story of Jesus – A Modern Biography from The Urantia Book."  

He is currently retired and lives in Greensboro NC and left a professional career as an industrial chemist for such corporations as General Electric, Arco Chemical, and Rhone Poulenc with a total accumulation of 14 US Patents. His field of expertise lay in the application of Radiation Polymerization and Silicone technologies. He has been playing classical guitar for over 50 years.  

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