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An online forum for exploring new directions and integrative
thinking in science, religion, philosophy and human systems

You are invited to join the UUI Thought Leaders  conversation - an exciting new project to help develop thought leaders inspired by The Urantia Book.

It is our desire to give inspiriting and transformative thinkers within our global Urantia community a platform for sharing meaningful ideas that can shape a better world.

    Thought Leaders Forum Archive    

You may view archived recordings of previous UUI Thought Leaders Forums with Marvin Gawryn, David Kantor, and Claire and Angie Thurston, by clicking on the link below.

Click:  UUI Thought Leaders Forum Library

Context and Format of the Online Forum:

The UUI Thought Leaders Forum is a series of online dialogues modeled in part on the TED Talks concept. The primary distinction is that the UUI Thought Leaders Forum will be interactive and have a spiritual context for examining and presenting ideas of progressive, evolutionary value in science, philosophy, and religion that are inspired by The Urantia Book. It will also look at how these three domains of knowledge intersect with human systems and the development of civilization

The one-hour Forum begins with a short video presentation (10-20 minutes) by the presenter then opens to a Q&A session with members of the audience for the remainder of the hour. 

Participants may also enter their questions and comments on the Zoom chat board during the Forum. 

A video recording of the online Forum is made available for viewing on this website within a day after the event, for the benefit of those who missed it.

It is our desire to give inspiriting and transformative thinkers within our global Urantia community a platform for sharing meaningful ideas that can shape a better world.

How to Submit Your TLF Proposal:

If you have an exciting new idea or project you have been working on which meets the scope of the UUI Thought Leaders Forum (TLF), please email your proposal to:  Thought Leaders@UrantiaUniversity.org 

Thought Leader proposals should focus on applying the concepts and ideals of The Urantia Book to the problems of individual and collective existence and planetary progress. The Thought Leaders Forum is not an arena for political partisanship and agendas. 

UUI's Thought Leaders Forum is intended to be a platform for expressing informed experience on a certain topic.  TLF presenters must be students of The Urantia Book and, in order to establish credibility with the audience, must have expertise and direct life experience relative to the topic they are addressing.  Your biographical statement must include your qualifications for speaking on the topic you have selected. 


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Education is the business of living; it must continue throughout a lifetime so that mankind may gradually experience the ascending levels of mortal wisdom, which are:

1.  The knowledge of things.
2.  The realization of meanings.
3.  The appreciation of values.
4.  The nobility of work – duty.
5.  The motivation of goals – morality.
6.  The love of service – character.
7.  Cosmic insight – spiritual discernment.

And then, by means of these achievements, many will ascend to the mortal ultimate of mind attainment, God-consciousness.

From The Urantia Book 71:7.5-13



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